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South Riding is one of the nineteen regions of Auradon. South Riding consists of four towns which are Auroria Priory, Tangletown, Redempton and Leopoldville. Additionally History Island (which is linked to the mainland by the Bridge of Benevolence) is part of South Riding as is an unmarked area which was part of the kingdom of Auroria. The unmarked area is where the Honeymoon Cottage is located. In addition to Honeymoon Cottage, South Riding has two other castles and one tower. The castles are located in Auroria Priory (part of the kingdom of Auroria) and an unnamed castle located in Redempton. The tower (Rapunzel's Tower) is located in Tangletown though the its location is so far out of the way that it is not shown on most (if any) maps of South Riding.